CARE: Collaborative Approach to building Resilience in Everyone


The CARE Health-Promoting Programs

The CARE study team is interested in learning how three different programs can help caregivers and children strengthen their relationship and learn skills to manage stress better.  The main purpose of the study is to see how the programs influence children’s health, to those who have experienced high stress events in their lives. Studies have found that if caregivers can provide support, resources and a safe environment for their children, the harmful physical effects of ACEs are much smaller. In other words, kids are much healthier. These programs will be available across three different locations: Oakland, Richmond and Santa Barbara. Some examples of stressful events can vary from being nerves and anxious from starting school to physical/emotional violence in the home and in the community.   


Programs based on location:

1. UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland – Oakland, CA
The Resiliency Clinic focuses on mindfulness, understanding your child’s emotions, and learning how to manage stress during its six sessions. Once a week, caregivers will meet in a small group with a parent coach for discussions and activities about childcare and parenting and stress. 

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland


2. LifeLong Medical William Jenkins Health Center – Richmond, CA
The ABC Program is a 10-session telehealth program looking to support caregivers and children. In 45–60-minute weekly sessions, parent coaches help caregivers reduce stress and understand their children's behaviors in an interactive session with their child. 

LifeLong Medical WJHC


3. Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics – Santa Barbara, CA
The HEROES Family Program consists of 4 sessions to help caregivers learn how to manage stress and build life-promoting skills. Meet with the parent coach every two to three weeks to talk about your family strengths, the influence of stress on health, and building a strong relationship with your child.  

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics