Study Visits and Steps

Step 1: Enroll in the study  

With a referral from your physician or clinic provider, one of our local study team members will get in touch with you. The CARE team will then contact you via phone and explain more of the study, clinic visits and go over consent forms and preparations for your first clinic visit.

Step 2: First In-Clinic Visit 

During your first clinic visit (2-hour visit), caregivers will complete a set of surveys and the CARE team will collect nose swab, saliva sample, height, weight and a small blood sample from your child. At the end of your first visit, one of the CARE team members will compensate you for completing the first step of the study. They will let you know which group you have been assigned to and will schedule your next appointment.  

Step 3: Telehealth Programs 

Depending on which group you are assigned to after your first visit, you will begin your program accordingly. One of the CARE team members will connect you with a parent coach to set you up so you can begin your first parent coach session.  

Step 4: During your Program  

Based on your clinic’s program you will meet weekly or biweekly online from the comfort of your home. The parent coaches will work with your schedule to make sure we provide the best care for our participating families. Every online session you will go over different topics, activities and conversations. These sessions are confidential, and our priority is to make it a safe and healthy space for all families.

Step 5: Finishing your Program  

After your program ends, a CARE team member will reach out to you via phone. You will then complete a couple of surveys over the phone or email, in which you will be compensated for your time.  

Step 6: Final Steps and Final Clinic Visit  

After your program ends and you have completed surveys, we will schedule your last CARE in-person visit. The third and last visit will consist of the same steps as the first clinic visit. You will fill out a few more surveys and collect the same samples from your child. At the end of your visit, you will be compensated for completing the visit, and you will be done with the study.



You have now completed the CARE study! 


CARE Intervention timeline, consisting of six total questionnaires and clinical visits: 1) Pre-intervention questionnaire, 2) Pre-intervention 2-hour clinic visit, 3) Intervention period, 4) Post-intervention questionnaire, 5) 3-month post-intervention 2-hour clinic visit, and 6) End of study commitment.