Implementation Research

The resilience toolkit

Our third aim seeks to identify barriers and enablers to resilience-promoting interventions across the care continuum. Our team will create a comprehensive Resilience Toolkit, an implementation tool to support low-resource pediatric healthcare settings in PEARLS screening. Currently, the Toolkit is focused on developing introductory training, workflow adoptions for screening, and materials for providers’ use in clinic (e.g. posters) to create a welcoming environment, universal education on ACEs health and parenting, or sample scripts to introduce the screen itself. We will identify family preferences, system-level entry points, and obstacles to receiving and delivering resilience-promoting messaging and interventions through our partnerships with Futures without Violence and local communities.  

Across our three sites, we will conduct semi-structured interviews with front-line staff, nurses/clinicians, and health system leaders/administrators, as well as focus groups with caregivers of children 2-5 years old.  

Implementation outcomes

Together, these opportunities allow for the identification of access and resource barriers, knowledge of community experience with screening, and provision of feedback related to these interventions. Strategies identified by research staff from these meetings will be presented to caregivers, front-line staff, and providers at each site for preferences.