CARE: Your Health Matters


The CARE Study is looking to understand how our supportive programs can help families manage stress and strengthen family relationships. 


What are Adverse Childhood Experiences?  

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are stressful or challenging life events that a child experiences early in life. These events can be physical and emotional abuse, neglect in the home, and experiencing racism.   

If a child experiences multiple ACEs and/or goes without support and resources for over a long time, this can over time develop into what is called “toxic stress”. Toxic stress affects both mental and physical health over time and as kids get older. In the long term it can lead to heart disease, diabetes and school achievement and substance abuse.  


Caregivers Can Make a Difference 

Studies have found that if caregivers can provide support, resources and a safe environment for their children, the harmful physical effects of ACEs are much smaller. In other words, kids are much healthier. This is why it is important to keep learning about ACEs and be able to understand how to support families and communities and create safe spaces to improve physical and mental wellness for all families.